Tuesday, June 28, 2011

olive arrives in london

wow. I cant believe that its been a whole year since my last blog post (which was actually posted by welovepictures and not even me)
Thanks again Maike and Travis for the help! you guys rock!
The idea was to start posting as soon as my vespa arrived in europe, hence vespagirltastes, not just, girltastes... but things didnt happen quite as fast as I thought they would when I arrived in the land of 'It's really REALLY not that easy to import, licence and register a vintage motorbike' (London Town).

I feel as though I need to write a book on how I went on the biggest mission ever, before even going on the mission I had in mind... but I guess that chasing the dream is just as much a part of the journey as living it is.

Im not quite living it just yet BUT I am so excited to tell everyone that Olive has finally arrived in Europe!!! I cannot tell you how unreal this feels... peaking out the window every 10mins to see my beautiful baby parked on the pavement, keeping warm and dry with its matching olive green, custom-made-with-love-cover, by Jessica Lee... thank you my girl! its perfect!
Im going to bed tonight with the biggest smile in my heart because tomorrow morning I will wake up, look out the window and properly know that I am vespagirl again! And I promise to keep you all in the loop with how things are getting on... even if its another year of the pre- adventures of vespa girl :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010